Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie

Hello friends, My name is Gaurav and here I will discuss something important information about The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie.

In this post, I will share with you all that why you should watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie. Before sharing this most valuable information about this film that the facts about this movie I am going to share in the post is only my opinion. Don't relate this information from reality. This is my self-opinion about this biographical black comedy movie which is directed by one of the versatile director Martin Scorsese. This film is produced by Terence Winter. Let's discuss the Top Reasons to definitely Watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie.

Reasons to Watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie :

#1. Real Story of Jordan Belfort :

The very first and valid reason to watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie is that this film revolves around the memoir of Jordan Belfort. Very few people know about Jordan Belfort who is an author from America, also a motivational speaker and a famous stockbroker. In this movie, Belfort told about his real-life story and how he created a brokerage house named Stratton, Oakmont. The business house occupied with siphon and dump plans with penny stocks.

To make a huge profit in the stock market, Belfort used a technique called Pump and Dump( P&D). Basically, this way is a form of security fraud. It describes falsely increasing the price of a self owned stock through misleading positive statements so as to sell the economically acquired stock at a high cost.

May be very fewer people know this fact that Jordan Belfort's full name is "Jordan Ross Belfort". Jordan published the memoir named The Wolf of Wall Street in the year 2007. This memoir's name was adjusted into a film with a similar name and discharged in 2013.

In 1999, Belfort was penalized with one hundred ten million dollars which were a very huge amount and he had to spent around 4 years in federal prison.

From the very start, This guy (Jordan Belfort) was a business-minded person and did so much struggle to make money from childhood. Then Director Martin Scorsese also heard about Jordan's memoir and in 2013 he made the movie with the same title "The Wolf of Wall Street".

#2. Motivation For Business :

In today's environment of negativity and jealousy, we all need the motivation to lift ourselves up. In this era of advancement and technology, nobody has time to read a ton of books on motivation. Visual representations of something put a great and emotional impact on the human mind like video content. So here I would definitely recommend you all to watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie

Because this film is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort who is a former stockbroker, an author, and a motivational speaker. It would not be wrong to say that Belfort was a business-minded guy from the very initial days between high school to college. One example of that I am going to share with you all.

It was the period between completing high school and starting college. Belfort and his childhood friend named Elliot Loewenstern earned around $20,000 by selling Italian ice to people at the local beach. He did various types of business to earn more money like selling meat and seafood as a salesman on Long Island New York.

Jordan started various short businesses but they were failed. Jordan never loses hope and keep doing workout on his business strategies. After setting up his firm Stratton Oakmont as a franchise of Stratton Securities, then later Jordan bought out the original founder.

So this we can say a true dedication towards goals. So if you are demotivated about starting a business then you should know Jordan Belfort's efforts deeply. This is also a reason to watch this film.

#3. Positive Critics Reviews :

According to the sources, The Wolf of Wolf Street was a huge success. The Wolf of Wall Street got positive responses, with faultfinders applauding DiCaprio and Hill's exhibitions, Scorsese's course, and Winter's screenplay. On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an endorsement rating of 79% dependent on 277 audits, with a normal rating of 7.77/10. The site's basic agreement peruses, "Clever, self-referential, and flippant to say the least, The Wolf of Wall Street discovers Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio at their most irresistibly powerful. On Met critic, the film has a weighted normal score of 75 out of 100, in view of 47 pundits, designating "by and large good surveys".

Dana Stevens, an individual from the New York Film Critics Circle, composed that the motion picture did not work for her in the wake of naming the film "Epic in size, claustrophobically limited in extension.

As per Marshall Fine of The Huffington Post, the story needs us to be keen on characters who are dull individuals, to begin with, made blunter by their daydreams of being intriguing in light of the fact that they are high.

#4. The Role of Leonardo DiCaprio :

The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie can't be imagined without Hollywood's versatile Actor Leonardo DiCaprio. As we all know Leonardo DiCaprio is the main lead who is playing the most prominent character of Jordan Belfort. The comic timing of Leonardo DiCaprio is so influential. According to sources of Wikipedia, The Wolf of Wall Street got positive surveys from the very first day of release. DiCaprio's comedic timing and friendly character appreciated by all fans and media.

DiCaprio received so many awards for his funny and comedic performance in this film.

#5. Scorsese Highest Grossing :

Martin Scorsese who is the director of The Wolf of Wall Street did never expected the film's huge success. The movie performed really well in the Box office. The Wolf of Wall Street netted $116.9 million in North America and $275.1 million universally. The film made a total of $392 million which was so astonishing thing for Scorsese. In North America, the film opened at number five in its first end of the week, with $19.4 million out of 3,387 theaters.

Conclusion :

So in this post we have discussed Top 5 Reasons to watch The Wolf of Wall Street Full Movie. The above points that i have mentioned above this film is my opinion about this movie. If you definitely want to get most out of this film i would definitely recommend you to watch this.