How to Earn Money From Facebook in 2020? (Make $100 A Day)

How to Earn Money From Facebook in 2020A lot of social media platforms have come today like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Among all of these, Facebook is still a smart choice for every internet user. According to the Facebook report in 2019, There are almost 1.62 billion active users daily. In this post, I will teach you all the real and trusted ways that I personally use to Earn Money From Facebook.

As we all know we normally use Facebook to stay in touch with our friends and relatives. It also offers golden opportunities for people to make a huge amount of money in a short span of time. There are varieties of methods from which you can earn money from Facebook. Let's discuss complete details on how to Earn Money From Facebook in the year 2020.

10 Awesome Methods to Earn Money From Facebook in 2020

Earn Money From Facebook

Today's people believe that it can be quite challenging to Earn Money From Facebook in 2020 which is totally a myth. You all can make a handsome income from Facebook if you use it strategically. In this post I will share step by step techniques that you all have to follow to make $100 daily from Facebook.

Facebook offers really great opportunities to earn from different activities, for example, Facebook marketing campaigns, Facebook fan page, and Facebook marketplace. To learn more about the best way to earn money from Facebook, read the following post till the end.

#1. Earn Money From Facebook Fan Page

Creating a Facebook Fan Page is one of the most prestigious & easy ways to earn thousands of dollars monthly. Very rare people know this thing that Facebook Page has the potential to earn much as millions of dollars. So not wasting more time let's start this topic.

Strategies to Earn Money From Facebook Brand or Community Page


Planning Your Niche (Decide Content Topic)

Before earning money from a Facebook page, you should be clear that on which topic you are going to create your content. Because remember this line "Quality Content is King" which can never be ignored. For example, if you are going to build content on Food & Restaurants then your Facebook page content would be related to Food only. 

The content should not be associated with other genres like Entertainment, Singing, Comedy and other categories; if you post other content then It may lead to the closure of your Facebook page. So write down this thing in your mind whenever you make a brand page on Facebook the content should be well planned and definite.

Content Creation

After planning your content topic or niche, the next step would be more easy for you and that is preparation for quality content that you are going to post on your brand page. Content preparation is the most significant part of a successful online business. It decides this thing what are you going to deliver your audience.

Well, if I suggest you any tip for content then it totally depends upon you in which niche you are interested in. Here are some tips for creating your unique content according to my knowledge.

Video Content: In 2020, There are a number of video content platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, IGTV, Likee and other renowned platforms on that you can upload your content in the form of videos. you can choose any topic for making your cool stuff. Some of the ideas are given below:

  • Comedy & Entertainment
  • Product Reviews
  • Vlogging
  • News Anchoring
  • Opinion Videos
  • Health & Fitness
  • Political Videos
  • Science & Technology   

Text Content: People who love to write can choose this subject of writing text content. Around 40% of online visitors like to read instead of watching a video on a particular topic. So anyone who likes to write about things and facts can start to do blogging. Here are some blogging ideas that you can start with.

  • Review Products
  • E-commerce website or blog
  • Event-based blogging
  • Write about food & Recipes
  • News Website    

Publishing Your Quality Content

Posting your created stuff on the Facebook page is an art because if you directly post your content on your created brand page it will not attract your audience. There is a proper way to share content on your Facebook page. Some of the points are shared below to make you more clear.

  • Use more and more emojis in your post.
  • Write hashtags which best describes your content in your posts. For example, If you are posting about a product then use hashtags like #bestproduct #Dealoftheday #sale.
  • Use customized Images.
  • If you are posting a video then create a catchy thumbnail for it that ultimately increases your click-through rate (CTR).
  • Write the proper description of your post what it is all about.

Post Genuine Information

Never ever fake your visitor by delivering wrong or illegal information. Always provide researched content. 

The core benefit of providing genuine information to your visitor is that they will come again on your Facebook page and it will ultimately build a strong trust between you and your audience. 

Posting the right information will make you more visible among your audience and help you to gain more likes on your page.

#2. Sell Your Own Product

Do you want to sell your own brand's product? Do you want more sales in your product? All these questions jumble your mind while doing research to get your product sell fast. There are a number of online platforms on which you can sell your product like Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, Quora, and others.

But here we are doing brainstorming on how to Earn Money From Facebook. So, I will share the trusted and genuine way to sell a product on Facebook Marketplace.

The above picture is showing the home page of Facebook Marketplace. This is how will a Facebook Marketplace look like. Here, some steps are given below to sell your own product.

Step 1: Go to and then login with your Facebook ID

Step 2: Click on Sell Something option on the left-hand side menu bar.

Step 3: A question box will appear in front of you asking what are you listing?

Step 4: Select the appropriate option depending on what are you trying to sell

Step 5: Give your product a catchy title

Step 6: Describe your product.

Step 6: Add your desired price.

Step 7: Click on next and choose in options where you want to show your product & publish

So this is how you can list an item of your choice in the Facebook Marketplace.

#3. Earn Money From Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the smartest and exceptional ways to reach more audiences in just a matter of seconds. Nowadays people are more likely to join Facebook groups of their interest to reach millions of people. A lot of new bloggers are heading towards this unique platform of social media to reach their target readers.

The main advantage of joining a Facebook group is that you can quickly find out your potential customers, for example, If you have a blog or website regarding health and fitness then you can simply research your audience in the Facebook search box.

Here is the trick to find your targeted audience for a blog or YouTube channel.

Step 1: If you have a blog of health and fitness then type "health and fitness" in the Facebook search box.

Step 2: A lot of results will come in front of you displaying this term Health and Fitness as shown below in the image

Step 3: After pressing enter the search results a page will display showing different categories like "Posts" "People" "Pages" Groups" "Apps" etc.

Step 4: Click on the Groups option and you will be able to see plenty of results showing you groups related to your niche.

#4. Earn Money Through Facebook Apps

Have you ever thought of earning money from Facebook by developing just apps? Now it's possible to make money if you can develop something interesting for the Facebook platform. If we talk about apps and games then there are a lot of app stuff or any category you are interested in to develop.

If you can't code it's not a matter to worry. you can even hire a programmer for you to code. According to the sources of news that In 2007, a team of students at Stanford University developed apps for Facebook as a college project which was a very successful assignment. So you can learn from their story to start your own project.   

Last Words

So last but not least, Earning Money From Facebook can be a little tricky. There are dozens of ways to Earn Money From Facebook you can use from which 4 ways I already shared with you. It will not be easy but also will not be impossible if you work consistently