How to do Video Scripting For Your YouTube Channel (2020)

Are you getting confused every time when making Video Scripting to start your own YouTube channel? Well, mostly a beginner, who doesn't even know the ABC of Video Scripting may face this problem which is a major concern. With the rapid growth in the digital marketing industry, video content has been becoming the most preferred way to learn something for all the audiences on the Internet.

In this modern era of internet and technology, around 90% of the startup companies are using online video promotion techniques to grow their business and product sales. A lot of start-up agencies are sponsoring big YouTube channels to make awareness about their products and services in the online marketing industry. In this blog post, I am gonna tell you about how you can do Video Scripting for your new YouTube channel. So let's get started.

Video Scripting Strategy for YouTube Channel 

Many people even don't try to plan their Video Scripting before come up with an influential video which is the main issue. Here, I will explain to you all about the right ways to script a video. There is a proper method to do any work. So, let's come to the point.

1 Write, Write and Write:

It has been proved scientifically when we write something on a note, there are more chances to get the clarity of your idea in your mind. Write down all your ideas on a paper that stuck in your mind immediately so that you didn't forget that. Ideas will only come in your mind when you have decided on the topic.

For example, If your niche is technology so your main point of research ought to be Technology. There may be further subcategories of Technology like Smartphones, Laptops, Artificial Intelligence, etc. You should be very clear about the product or service on which you are going to create a video script.

2. Frame Your Ideas:

After writing your Video Scripting matter the next step for you would be to frame those ideas that you have written in your notebook. Framing ideas in sequence plays an essential role

3 Make Powerful Introduction:

Remember this thing that you have only first 30 seconds to grab the attention of a visitor who is going to trust in your video and watch it. Try to speak power words that will put a long-lasting impact on your audience. So what can you do for this is to speak strong and impactful words with a smiling face. I am giving here a list of power words that will help you to make a better start.

1. "Welcome to My YouTube Channel"
2. "Hi Guys, How are you all"
3. "Hello Friends, Hope You Have a Nice Day"

Always remember that your video opening can define your watch time and the first impression of your visitors so focus to cover your first 30 seconds with wonderful greet and words. Beginners who are new on YouTube and want to make a wonderful impact. One more thing you should all aware of that never demand to subscribe your channel in the starting