3 Dazzling Methods to Get Local SEO Clients for Your Business

You're hear just to know about Getting Local SEO Clients, right? Now you can grow your digital marketing agency or freelancing business by implementing simple strategies to Get Local SEO Clients that will lasts for long time with you.

There are a lot of free methods as well as paid tactics that can help you to get your SEO clients locally. In this article, I will discuss about all possible tricks that you can adopt to get your first SEO client to get start with. Let's get started with top trusted strategies that will really be worth.

How to Get Local SEO Clients Without Investment? (Free Method)

In this present era, nobody wants to do initial investment for getting their targeted SEO clients. There are lot of online tricks which you can use to have more leads for your business. So let's discuss some free methods that can actually help you to get your leads for SEO.

1. Join Facebook Groups

Right now on this planet, there will probably be a person who is not using Facebook. Stats may be little different from what I'm saying but it's true. Almost 80-90% of the people are interconnected with each other through this one of the most used social platform.

Even a 5 to 6 years little kid can use Facebook. I personally feel If we all use this tool for business purposes there is nothing wrong in it. we daily go through many Facebook groups of different categories and interests.

Daily join Facebook groups of your targeted interests of your regional areas and directly put messages in groups related to your services. You can also make a graphic creative using online tools like Canva, Pixlr etc. This is the easiest methods that I personally use to Get Local SEO Clients.

2. Google Search

Have you ever thought about this you can directly approach your targeted industry client by just doing simple Google search? I will explain this trick here step by step. What you need to do is explained here below:

1. Go to Goolge.com
2. Search for Industry Specific cllients.
For Example: "Best Astrologer in New York".
3. Directly call or email to clients who are appearing on the 3 or 4th page of Google.
Note: Don't approach the clients who are already getting ranked on the first page of Google.
4. Visit the website of the clients and contact them from their email or contact number.
5. You're all set.
6. Daily do this activity and you will get your first local seo client.

3. Get Genuine Leads with #Twitter


After Instagram & Facebook, Twitter is the third most used social media platforms in the world and has first choice of digital marketers to get their clients. There is a particular method of using all the social platforms which you should need to know.

Get Local SEO Clients for your business using Twitter. So follow these tips to get your targeted SEO clients.

1. Login to your Twitter Account.
2. Go to the search bar of Twitter.
3. Type in Quotes there like this "Need SEO Services".
Note: The keyword you're entering in the search bar is depends on what type of client you want belonging to a particular industry.
4. After entering keyword then press enter. That's all.

When you'll press enter, a number of results will show who need SEO services. You can directly drop message to him/her to approach for your services.

Second Way


The second way is quite interesting in which you can make a graphic posts with online available tools like Canava, Pixlr etc related to your digital marketing services.

Final Words

Finding your first Local SEO client may be quite difficult in starting even using these free methods also. you'll have to put your all heart and soul to find clients using these top 3 methods.

Using these methods you don't have to switch to paid methods. If you find these tips helpful please do share this article.